Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert

For Christmas Josh got me tickets to the Speak Now  tour with Taylor Swift! I was so exicted when the day finally came. Josh and I had an AWESOME time! I got off work early and we went to Yongsan (the Army post about an hour away) for a pre-party and to catch the bus from there. They had a trivia thing and I won for knowing how old Taylor Swift is (21!) We had a yummy dinner and some drinks before heading to the concert.
The concert was much smaller than we expected. The Koreans had glow sticks that they moved to the beat of the music the entire concert...annoying to say the least. They also did not cheer much or stand up. In fact, when people would stand up the event staff would come and ask them to sit down! We kept saying it felt like a play or something, not a concert. But, the concert was great and we had a wonderful time! Afterwards we met up with some friends at a local bar and didn't make it home until after 5AM! Overall, a great night!

So close!

Josh bought the tickets around Thanksgiving so we were SO lucky to have GREAT seats!

On the bus on our way to the concert!

Cowboy boots!!!

The arena

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