Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend adventures

Some weekends around the Brown household are pretty typical of what our life would be like if we were in the states. Sleeping in, watching movies, catching up on cleaning and laundry and grocery shopping. But, some weekends we put on our "we are in Korea and should explore" hats and get out to find new places. Josh has been gone about a week for training (two weeks to go!) so this weekend I had some fun adventures with friends.

First, I went to a trick art exhibit with two of my friends from work, Hanna and Soo. Trick art is 2D art that looks pretty normal when you just look at it, but you can take pictures next to it and it looks 3D. The pictures you take make it look like you are part of the painting! The exhibit was 12,000 won, so about $11, and definately worth it! We had lots of fun. Here are some pictures:

Being eaten up by the big monster!

Ugh! You know how I feel about shots! LOL!

This picture was a tricky one to get right

This is one of my favorites


Pushing Hanna up the stairs

This one was fun, too!

Moving the X Ray

I'm THAT strong!

Holding the elephant up with one finger. No big deal.

Showing off my fishing skills

Meeting the huge sumo

After the trick art exhibit and a yummy Korean lunch we hopped on the subway and headed to Myeongdong, a large shopping area. The area was PACKED with people, street vendors and food carts. We went to the Forever 21, which  is four stories high! Lots of foreigners were inside, as this is one of the few stores where you can find things in American sizes (aka not teeny tiny like most Korean clothes!)

A shot of Myeongdong

I've been getting pretty good at all this Korean public transportation in the last few months. It's amazing to me how well developed the systems are here, and how much public transportation is used. I ride the bus to school in the morning with business men in fancy suits! This definately isn't how public transportation is like in other places we have lived.
First, I took a bus from near our house to meet with Soo at our school. Then we caught another bus to the trick art exhibit, picking up Hanna on the way. After the exhibit and lunch we got on the subway and transfered two lines before got to Myeongdong. After our adventures we got back on a bus that took us to our school, where I got on yet ANOTHER bus home.
I had plans to meet Krystle and Lauren (wonderful Army wife friends) for dinner so I got in the car and drove the air field, where Krystle and I caught a bus to the subway station and got on the subway to head back into Seoul.
We had a wonderful dinner of Korean BBQ (my favorite!) followed by drinks at a bar that we discovered. The waitresses knew just a small amount of English but were so happy to practice. Very sweet. We found some interesting Korean treats then got back on the subway, took a taxi from the subway station to the air field, and I drove home. Whew! I'm feeling tired just thinking about it. What a day!

When we got to dinner Krystle and Lauren each ordered a beer, but the waiter brought them BOTH to Krystle. She must have looked like she needed two-haha!

We thought any place called "The Bar" was worth checking out. We got inside and it was the nicest bar I've ever seen. Too quiet and fancy for us girls so we moved on to a bar across the street, called Bar BeBob!

Our delicious Korean BBQ dinner

Us girls at Bar BeBob!

We went looking for some yummy Korean treats and found these chocolate cheetos. They taste a lot like cocoa puffs, the cereal.They taste MUCH better than they look!

The sign at the place we went to find a fun bar to chat. We thought Beer White-ing sounded pretty random!

My day of public transportation started here, at a bus stop by our house. Every bus stop has these screens that tell you how many stops away your bus is, and how many minutes will pass before it arrives. Really helpful!

My sweet ride-HAHA!


  1. I loved all the pix from the museum, so much fun! And I want to try a chocolate cheeto! I bet they're awesome!

  2. I REALLY want a chocolate cheeto too! This museum looked like looks of fun. Wish they had something like that around here I could take all the kiddos to. So glad you have some awesome friends over there to keep you company. Love ya!

  3. Thanks for sharing!!!!! I love reading all about your adventures! You're one brave lady!

  4. Aww looks like u had fun!! I want to know where that museum is!! Your pictures are awesome!

  5. The photos from the trick museum are awesome! I think someday you should write a book "Leah in Korea" and use the yellow fairy wing photo for your author page! xo Helen