Monday, February 21, 2011

Korean Wedding

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a Korean wedding. I think going into the wedding I was expecting something very similar to an American wedding because it's all that I know. Boy, was I wrong!! This wedding was like something from a crazy movie. There were effect lights and a booming voice over the intercom telling guests when to clap. There was a wedding cake that was cut DURING the ceremony, but not served to guests. The best part? The cake had two candles that the bride and groom blew out together. The groom had a mini-dance number midway through the ceremony, which did not include any vows, exchanging of rings, or even the couple looking at each other for that matter. The bride and groom also acted out a famous scene from a veyr popular TV drama in Korea called the Secret Garden.
The guests were very loud and texting or talking to their neighbors through the ceremony, which was about thirty minutes long. What was really neat was how the ceremony really centers around the parents of the bride and groom. They were escorted in and the mothers were dressed in very fancy white dresses. The bride and groom also performed a traditional bowing to the parents during the ceremony. Another interesting thing had to do with the camera man and videographer. They were on the stage RIGHT next to the bride and groom and blocked the guests the majority of the ceremony. Isn't that was zoom is for? LOL
The wedding was beautiful, in it's own way. Let's just say I am glad that I got to experience a Korean wedding, but I am glad that our wedding was the way it was. PS Can you believe it has almost been a year since our wedding? Yikes! Time is FLYING!
Here are some pictures from the wedding:

The ceremony location was a beautiful wedding hall. But, in true "let's cram as many people into one city as we can Seoul Style" there were people in the lobby waiting for the next wedding to start.

This is some of the dessert at the reception. Traditionally Koreans do not give gifts for weddings, just cash. So, when we arrived there were men behind a counter with money envelopes. We put cash in envelopes with our names on the front and the men gave us tickets to enter the reception. So interesting.

Her dress was sooo beautiful and she had a cathedral length veil !

This is the bride and groom cutting getting ready to blow the candles out on the wedding cake. It was like a birthday or something! LOL

This is Hanna, Ginny and I after the wedding. They are other teachers at my school. In Gangnam there are street cameras where you can take photos and they are emailed to you. Here is ours!

Another shot of the ceremony

Sorry all of these pictures got so out of order. Here is a picture of lunch at the reception.

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  1. That is so interesting. It's neat that you've experienced a wedding and a Taylor Swift concert that are SO different that they are in America. Also, I love that they have cameras on the streets to take pictures! So fun!