Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Can you tell the elephants to go on a diet? They are fat."

In honor of Presidents Day all of my students are writing letters to Prez Obama. It has been really interesting to see the questions they have about America and what the President does.
Some were just too funny to NOT share....so here are some of the highlights.ENJOY!

" Where do you get your hair cut, Mr. President?" Grade 1

"Is your mom pretty?" Kindergarten

"My house is big. Is the White House bigger than my house?" Grade 1

"Do you like America? Ms. Leah says YES, but I want to be sure." Grade 1

"Do you know where Korea is? You can see it on the TV like how I can see you on the TV"
Grade 2

"Do you like tigers or white tigers better?" Grade 2

"When you are President do you have to take term tests?" (This is what students have been doing all week and they are convinced taking these tests is the worst thing to ever happen in their young lives-LOL!) Grade 1

"Does America have good people? Because some Koreans are good but some are bad, so I think maybe some Americans are bad. But I like you because you are American and I think you are a good one" Grade 1

"Do people in Hawaii know good jokes?" Grade 2

"Food in Korea is very yummy. What did you eat for dinner? I will tell you if it is yummy."
Grade 2

"Do you have a wife? I can marry with you after I grow up and am a woman like Ms. Leah. She is married. When can I meet you? I think if I meet you I will like you." Kindergarten (This may be my favorite one of the bunch!!)

"Can you tell the elephants to go on a diet? They are fat." Kindergarten

"Do pilgrims live where you live? We learned about the pilgrims. Are they nice?" Kindergarten

"I think you are smart. So I love you." Kindergarten

"On February 21, 2011 all people stayed home and did not work. Did you stay home or did you go outside?" Kindergarten