Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Warming up

Angela was so funny about learning Zumba. She stood on the stage next to the teacher the entire hour!

The effect Zumba has on kindergarteners LOL

Checking to see if he has muscles yet

Checking to see if he is stinky from Zumba

An Army wife friend of mine is a Zumba instructor, so I got her and the director of my school into contact. The school was really excited to have the kids learn Zumba and I am excited that they kids get some good exercise and a way to get their energy out. The long days with barely any breaks and no recess really get to them. Here are some pictures I took of Day 1 of Zumba!


  1. Great job, Mrs. Brown! Those little kids are so lucky to have you for a teacher :) Helen

  2. That is so cute! We do zumba with the kids at our school too and they love it! Of course we have to modify some of the moves to make it more "kid friendly" but it works out fine.