Monday, February 7, 2011

Making the house feel like a home

After two months of being worried that a good chunk of the things we own were sinking to the bottom of the ocean our shipment from Alabama arrived. After calling almost every week and being told, "We aren't able to track your shipment...but don't worry, I'm sure it's coming" we were relieved that it arrived. I was working so Josh took the morning off to get everything to the house. We were concerned about how they would get things into our house as we live on the third story but that problem was solved pretty quickly. Luckily Josh was able to get a good video. That is our matress and boxspring being hoisted through our living room balcony!

Here are some pictures that we have taken of the house all put together and decorated. Now that everythng has arrived the house is feeling more like a home and this move is feeling more permanent. It is the best feeling to know that we don't have to move for the next three years!!!

Spare bedroom

Spare bathroom

New entertainment center because ours was broken in the move

Love this

Living room

Above the master bed

Kitchen. It is really strange to not have an oven, but thankfully we are adjusting to using the convection oven.

Spare bedroom.Who wants to visit?

View from spare bedroom

A view of the balcony. We love the planter boxes and having enough room for a small BBQ come summertime.

Baking cookies in the convection

Dining Room

I had this made at Fort Rucke and absolutely love it. This is right by our entry way.

I had this made at Ft Rucker also. This is the first thing you see when you come in the house

Master bath

Master bath

Even the toilets are fancy!

We have this up in the office. Just need to get photos printed in all the right sizes. It is going to be our "family wall" of photos of all of YOU! :)
The office

Another shot of the office

Master bedroom


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