Monday, February 7, 2011

I Phone Pictures

When I got to Korea I got an iPhone and it has been the most useful thing I've ever had. There are applications for just about EVERYTHING in Seoul. I have an app to look up when the next bus is coming on my way to work and to see how many seats are left on the bus, or if I'll have to stand. There is an app to convert everything in the subway to English so I know which stops I need to get off on and how much to pay. There is an app where I can type in English and it changes my writing to Korean so I can relay important information like "soup please...but NO octopus." Blah.
But, what I really love is the phone takes great pictures. Honestly, I think they are better than our camera! LOL! So, here are some random pictures that I have taken so far. Enjoy!

Ice sculptures, anyone?

Beer Factory near our house

At first we thought this was an In N Out Burger because of the logo, but really it is just a small grocery store. What a dissapointment!

We have friends that live in a complex near ours. They discovered that they could get to the roof of their complex so we had to see if we could get to ours too. Unfortunately, all the roof doors were locked. Haha!

Whenever a new business opens in Korea they advertise like crazy! Our favorites are the people walking around on HUGE stilts trying to get you to walk toward the business. This was put up when a gas station opened near our house.

Trying on Josh's work gear

The stop lights here aren't on sensors like they are in the states. This means, with traffic, you can easily wait at a stop light for between five and ten minutes. This guy in front of us got out of his car, smoked a cigarette, and then was looking for something in his trunk. Random!

This is a uniform that we had made for Dalton near Osan

Here is the front of the uniform

I love finding Korean shops with random names. Who knew that Mr Potato played the guitar?!

Honeymoon shop? Interesting...

Yummy dinner

The busses will wait at those long stop signs also. This bus driver decided it was time for a smoke break.

Quiznos is right next to my school. Makes me think of Aunt Jess!

I was teaching the kids about Confucious and he thought the name was hilarious! Perfect candid shot

Street market

Even babies need perfect skin!

Heidi and I have been on the hunt for leopard print shoes for her wedding. I saw these and had to email them to her with "Maybe Jake should wear these for your wedding!" Haha! How ugly!

More of me trying on Josh's gear. It is SO heavy!!

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